Sarah Coolidge was elected to the North Tahoe Public Utility District (NTPUD) Board of Directors in November 2016.

Her platform was to oversee the Water and Sewer Departments of the NTPUD with fiscal and environmental responsibility, address the long-standing financial challenges of its Recreation and Parks Department and increase NTPUD collaboration with other local and regional agencies. 

Sarah also advocated that the District take a leadership role in finding solutions to the affordable housing needs in our region and supporting local businesses and families to thrive here.

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Sarah Coolidge

Rick Stephens

Director, Truckee Tahoe Airport Board

"Sarah Coolidge has represented the NTPUD well in the last 4 years.  I strongly endorse Sarah for re-election."

Sarah Coolidge

Board President, North Tahoe Public Utility District

Maria Bernal

Community Advocate, Kings Beach

"I've known Sarah for many years and always enjoyed working with her. People in our community think she is great and I will be voting for her on November 3rd!"


Owner, Las Panchitas 

"Sarah cares about our community and knows how to get things done. That is why I endorse her re-election."


Owner, Tahoe Dave's

"Sarah is as community-minded as anyone I know. She's always prepared and not afraid to ask tough questions. Vote to re-elect her!"

Heidi Bushway Verkler

Resident, Kings Beach

"I have known Sarah Coolidge for many years, interacting in various community meetings and activities, as well as being moms together of two North Tahoe High School students. Among all of the candidates running for NTPUD this November, I believe she is our best choice."


Community Member

“Sarah Coolidge has represented the NTPUD the past four years and more importantly has represented and supported our Community far longer. She is a strong leader which is why I fully endorse and support Sarah Coolidge for the NTPUD. Vote to re-elect Sarah November 3rd”

Bob McCormick

Resident, Tahoe Vista

"I'm glad I voted for Sarah in 2016 and I will again, because she cares!"

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Campaign videos with Sarah!

Watch & listen to Sarah in Tahoe Truckee Media's recent Candidate forum or her interview with North Lake Tahoe-Truckee Leadership Program's ED, Karen Wilcutts.

Tahoe Truckee Media's Candidate Forum

(The NTPUD portion ends after 24 minutes.)

North Lake Tahoe-Truckee Leadership Alumni Interview

Progress achieved since Sarah joined the NTPUD Board:

Community Partnerships:

  • The NTPUD is supporting the Mountain Housing Council’s efforts to address regional housing shortages with a financial commitment of $5500 per year for three years.

  • The NTPUD now holds an ex-officio board seat of the North Tahoe Business Association, working collaboratively to support local business success.

  • The NTPUD has partnered with North Tahoe Fire in a $450,000 grant for fuels reduction in the Regional Park and other NTPUD properties.

  • The NTPUD continues to be a strong recreation partner with the Boys and Girls Club of North Lake Tahoe and has expanded its non-profit community connections to include regular conversations with the Community House.

Recreation & Parks:

  • The NTPUD has partnered with the Truckee Tahoe Airport District to fund $320,000 in multi-use trail improvements at the North Tahoe Regional Park

  • The NTPUD was awarded $843,000 in competitive grant funds from Placer County to support improvements in the Regional Park such as new restrooms, adult exercise equipment, parking and trail enhancements and snow grooming equipment.  

  • Applied for an additional $825,000 in Placer County grant funds to support the reconstruction and expansion of the District’s synthetic turf field while continuing trail enhancements.

  • The NTPUD and Tahoe City Public Utility District collaborate regularly and are addressing regional recreation issues via a jointly-funded recreation facility needs assessment.

  • Instituted a new fee structure and marketing plan for the North Tahoe Event Center to stabilize revenues while continuing an emphasis on community activities.

  • Refurbishment of the North Tahoe Event Center, including carpet, paint and fixtures.

Water & Sewer:

  • Completed a comprehensive evaluation of the condition of all of the District’s water and sewer assets, including pipelines, pump stations, wells, reservoirs, treatment plant,  storage reservoirs and fire hydrants.

  • Developed a 20-year Capital Projects plan for the estimated $51 million necessary to upgrade and repair the District's systems, including a detailed five-year, $18.5 million short-term plan. This planning reflects nearly triple our previous infrastructure investment level.

  • Invested 2+ years in a rate study to examine and understand all of the District’s fees in relation to the identified infrastructure needs as well as California law surrounding rates.

  • Designed and implemented a five-year rate plan to stabilize the District’s financial position as it moves forward on repairing and replacing aged and end-of-life infrastructure while keeping Water and Sewer fees lower than others in our area.

Community Relations & Board Governance:

  • Rapid development of a Rate Relief Program to address community needs during the COVID-19 crisis.

  • Initiation of a thorough review and cleanup of all NTPUD policies, procedures and ordinances.

  • Realignments of the staffing and organizational chart to smooth daily operations and modernize systems with current technology.

  • The creation of two new ad hoc committees, Public Outreach and Technology, to address current needs of the District and our community.

  • Expansion of NTPUD presence and communication via electronic outlets: email, social media, website.

  • Continued progress towards the achievement of a District Transparency Certificate of Excellence from the California Special Districts Association. 

  • Robust yearly strategic planning sessions to keep the NTPUD focused on future needs while meeting current ones.

Do you want to know more about Sarah?

Listen in on this interview, recorded in June 2020, when Sarah shares her ideas about leadership, local politics and how we can all contribute to change.

(Scroll Down To Select The Interview With Sarah Coolidge)

Tahoe/Truckee Regional Supporters 


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Contractors Association of Truckee Tahoe      (CATT)

Cris Hennesey, TTUSD Trustee

Phil & Sheila Thompson

Dave Wilderotter

Terri Martinez

Heidi Doyle

Susanna Tarnay

Theresa May Duggan

Maryann Lowell

Terry Kelly

Gail Stephens

Joy Doyle

Max Coolidge

David Diamond

Trina Kennedy

Janet Steinman

Elvia Espinoza

Claudia Colmenero

Karen Honeywell

Carmen Reyes

Heidi Bushway Verkler

Lili Valdez

Brooke Durastanti

Karely Rosas

Tony Karwowski

Sayra Cruz-Reyes

Tara House

Nathan Chorey, NTPUD Rec & Parks Commission

Rick Stephens, TTAD Board of Directors

Teresa O'Dette

Lupe Muñoz

Jon Krause

Nancy Gisko

Joe Lanza

Bob McCormick

Carolyn Pretzer

Kerry Andras

Lori Eggstaff

Anita Cabrera

Alyssa DiBella

Karen Wilcutts

Lupe Muñoz

Kim Jennings

Viviana Corona

Danielle Hankinson

Mary Beth Hamilton

Alicia Espinosa

Ana Servin

Rafael Ramirez

Kara Fox

Thom & Dixie Peters

Mary Heatherington

Maria Bernal

Alex Brambila, Owner- Las Panchitas

Kathleen Eagan

Ernest Dambach

Gary Davis, Engineer

Jennifer Merchant

Joy M. Doyle

Charles Teran

Monte White

Aline Doignon-Vaca

Brook Costa, Realtor

Lynda English

Emilio Vaca

Gail High

Alex Mourelatos

Octavio Corona

Reyna Virgen

Mandy Lua

Gesali Ruiz

Phyllis Cavender McConn

Travis Wilwerth

Kristy Poston Olk

Sara Smith

Lily Kuehne

Justin Garcia

Claudia Brauer

Ertugrul Elcin

Placer County Democratic Party

Jim Porter

Emilio Vaca

Dave Polivy

Irene Gomez

James Logan

Laura Van Hook

Jasbeth Reyes

Dinny Evans

Cammie Anooshian

Esther Bernal

Kim Smith

Bradley Sherman

Kelly Frankenberg

Suzy Shoberg

Kristen Pepin

Nora Daniels

Rebecca Morales

Tim Hauserman

Steve Phillips

Russ & Marianne Potts

Natalie Rose Tseko

Anaelia Martinez

Pam Jahnke

Hilda Murillo

Lisa Molinari

Scott Wilson

And.....Tahoe Tessie!

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Vote for dedication, innovation and progress for North Tahoe. 


Vote for Sarah Coolidge

During my term on the NTPUD board I have served as Secretary, VP and President, as well as representing our district on Placer County’s CAP committee recommending how  TOT dollars be spent locally to improve the quality of life for local residents while mitigating the heavy impacts of tourism.

I am proud of championing a thorough NTPUD rate assessment so that we could develop a rate structure that assures ratepayers of the predictability and fairness of our rates and provides the needed capital to maintain our aging infrastructure now and into the future. I have also been an integral voice for improving transparency, public outreach, up-to-date technology, fiscal responsibility and continued growth in recreation service, including the upgrading of the event center.

I have lived, worked and raised a family here and am highly skilled in community and business development. As such, I bring an innovative and future-oriented approach to the challenges faced by our community and PUD. ¡Y hablo Español!

My board experience is going to be more critical in the next four years, as we continue to solidify our plan for capital improvements and grow community and commercial programming at our newly refurbished event center while addressing the challenges of post-COVID times.

Coolidge for North Tahoe Public Utility District 2020                                                                                                                                    FPPC# 1428393